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Previously, this blog was titled “Defiant Musings” and was intended to be a space for me to write about higher education and altac topics. In 2015, I started knitting and I’ve become increasingly addicted to knitting and yarn (which seems to be a common affliction for knitters), so I decided to revamp my blog and site to focus more on knitting. As the tagline says, I will still write about feminism, academia, and life, however, as those are topics I’m unable to avoid.

Disclaimer: The opinions on this blog are purely mine and do not represent my employer, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, or other organizations with which I am affiliated in any way.

2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Love the title Brenda!!! And thank you so much for listing Girl w/Pen and my fellow Women, Girls, and Ladies as Fab Feminists. We HEART you. Must plan NWSA 2011 panel together — will email you this week!!!

    • Well, you know the WGLs are my favorite fab feminists! And yes, let’s email about a session at NWSA 2011. It would be soooo much fun 🙂

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