It’s been a while (September, in fact) since I reported on my fitness project, so now seems like a good time for an update, especially since we just did another Bod Pod and there are good results to report. First the results — since my first Bod Pod on July 30, I have:

  • Lost 12 pounds;
  • Decreased my body fat by 6%;
  • Lost 3 inches on my waist, and 18.25 inches overall (all measurements combined);
  • Gone up in all but one of the strength assessments;
  • And improved my heart rate, cardio endurance and RMR.

Those are pretty good numbers if I say so myself. But what they don’t tell you — and what’s even more important is how I feel. Sure, losing a few pounds and fitting into my jeans better is nice, but the real benefits I’ve gotten from starting this fitness program relate to my general well-being:

  • No more backaches: As someone who spends a fair amount of time hunched over a computer, I used to get backaches fairly often. Since I’ve started regular strength training sessions, POOF! No more backaches. Ever. It’s amazing.
  • Better sleep: I know this one’s a cliché, but it really is true – my sleep has improved quite a bit since I’ve been working out consistently.
  • No ankle pain: A few years ago, I sprained my ankle pretty badly and since then, had pretty consistent pain when taking longer walks, hikes, etc. This past weekend, we took an hour-long hike in the hills pictured below and I had no pain in my ankle, despite having forgotten to bring my ankle brace.
Hiking the Loess Hills in Northwest Missouri

Hiking the Loess Hills in Northwest Missouri

Overall, what all of the above adds up to is that I just feel like a “fit” person now — in ways I  did not previously — and that feels pretty good.

With New Year’s approaching, lots of you will be making fitness-related resolutions. If you’re at UMKC or in the KC metro area, and want to get an initial assessment to help determine your baseline and goals, you can get a free Bod Pod before December 31 by calling the Wellness Coordinator at  816-235-5425 to make your appointment. Tell her Brenda sent you!

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