Getting Fit (Hopefully)

In a recent post, I wrote about setting mid-year resolutions. One of these was to get in better shape (how original!). This is, of course, a pretty common resolution and an easy one to fail at (I have personally failed at it many times in my 46 years). This time, though, I really do want to get this done — I am now closer to 50 than to 40 (or 30 or 20 for that matter), which means I need to start worrying about things like bone density and whether sitting all day really is going to kill me earlier than I’d prefer.

I know, however, that left to my own devices I will fail once again — this time around, then, my plan is to work with a personal trainer. So starting next week, I will be working with Shannon Hutsler and her team at UMKC’s Swinney Recreation Center (aka one of the best-kept secrets on campus) to develop a plan. The tricky thing, I think, will be managing to keep things going once the semester starts back up — I will be teaching two classes and trying (again) to learn some French, in addition to my day job.

And, as we know, it is always easy to let the exercise go once things get busy. I am trying, this time around, to remind myself that exercise is an important part of self care, as opposed to thinking of it as another obligation. I am actually pretty good at making time for self care, but tend to see that as things like reading for pleasure, bubble baths, etc., while viewing exercise as just another thing on the to-do list (and a not terribly pleasant one, either). But the fact is that taking care of the physical is also an important part of self care and one that can be just as important as the mental piece that I’m already pretty good at. (And if I end up signing up for that yoga class this fall, I suppose that will combine both types of self care).

Halasana - Postura del Arado / Amineko Yoga

Naturally, I’ll be blogging, Tweeting, and Facebooking my progress (or lack thereof, but hopefully the former!), so please keep reading and help cheer me on.

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