Fighting the Cranky

Partly because it was the first week back in the office after a fair amount of travel and partly for reasons I don’t want to get into here, last week was a somewhat rough week in the office, and by the end of it, I was CRANKY (really cranky).

Being cranky at the office is usually not the best way to endear oneself to one’s co-workers, however, so the crankiness must be battled. Some of my tried-and-true cranky-fighting methods are: ranting via Facebook message to my friends I know will get it (you know who you are. Thank you); hiding in my office until the bad mood passes (not always possible, alas); going for a short walk around campus; watching our annual report video and finally, new shoes:

(The new shoes trick needs to be used sparingly, of course, or I will soon go broke).

What are your mood-lifters for those tough work days?

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