Mid-Year Resolutions

I generally don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Having lived most of my life on an academic calendar, January feels like the middle, not the beginning, of the year to me so I don’t much care about New Year’s.

Once July and August roll around, however, it starts to feel like a beginning. After all, the new semester starts 5 weeks from today and what’s more of a beginning than a shiny new semester? Thus, mid-year resolutions!

  1. Spend more time away from my desk and moving. I spent two weeks in Germany in June and we just returned from our annual week in Wisconsin. Both of these trips involved a lot of walking and I loved it. Here in Kansas City, I spend way too much time sitting — either at my desk or in the car. While the weather is still nice, I plan to spend more time outside walking.
  2. Get back into a regular exercise routine (something I haven’t had since leaving Texas). Related to the above, I noticed in both Germany and Wisconsin that walking up any kind of incline winded me — even more than when I was a smoker. Next year I want to climb Eagle Trail without huffing and puffing all over the place.IMG_1045
  3. Stop losing my temper in airports. Nothing (other than AT&T “customer service.” But I got rid of them) makes me lose my temper faster than being in an airport. After melting down a bit in Stuttgart last month, I am determined to cultive a Zen sensibility for flying.
  4. Jazz up my classes. I’m teaching two old standbys this fall and am looking for ways to tweak them to make them more interesting for me and my students. I’ve got five weeks to finish my syllabi and hopefully come up with great ideas.

That’s my list for my “new” year. I’m hoping they stick, and invite y’all to keep me accountable via comments, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What about you? Do you make mid-year resolutions? If so, what are they? Are you able to keep them?


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