Things I Learned in Vancouver

Last week, my friend Shaun and I took our Alt Academix show on the road to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver where we gave two workshops. Here, for no reason other than I feel like sharing, is a list of some of the things I learned.

Vancouver is super pretty. I mean ridiculously pretty. I mean unfair-to-those-of-us-who-don’t-live-there pretty. Water AND mountains? This KC girl is envious.

View of the bay and mountains from the UBC campus

View of the bay and mountains from the UBC campus

The Chinese restaurants are authentic. Yes, that is a heart in my duck soup. No, I was not expecting it.


Waiter, there’s a heart in my soup!

The UBC Museum of Anthropology is awesome.

IMG_0473This stall in the Granville Island Public Market is reason enough for me to pack my bags and move to Vancouver

That is an amazing display of pâté

That is an amazing display of pâté

Doing two 3-hour workshops in one day is hell on one’s legs and feet. But we had great students, faculty, and staff to work with, so the time flew.

Vancouverites (??) are a polite lot, who thank the bus driver when exiting the bus, regardless of the door they are using. It is a bit disconcerting the first time someone yells “thank you!” from the back of the bus as I had no idea to whom they were speaking.

Finally, did I mention that Vancouver is pretty? Because it is.


I also learned some serious things about higher education and graduate students — but this post is not about that, so will share those later.

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