Testing 1, 2

In the next few months, I have quite a bit of travel coming up (5 trips in a little over 3 months, including FINALLY some international travel. I haven’t left the country since I went to India in 2007/2008). One of the things I would like to do is not have to constantly drag my laptop around with me, so I’ve been trying out using my iPad with a keyboard and apps.

So far, so good. The keyboard (a Logitech Ultrathin) is great and I’ve found Quickoffice and Google Drive helpful for dealing with documents. BUT. I have yet to find a blogging app I like, despite trying several. Thus, the title of this post, as it is a test post from Poster, the most recent app I’m trying. We shall see.

Bloggers with iPads, what app(s) do you use? Any advice most appreciated!

(ETA: As noted, this was first written with Poster, which did okay, except for handling hyperlinks, but perhaps I need to learn how to do that better).

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