Snow Days!

What’s better than a snow day? TWO snow days!! Yes, that’s right, we got two snow days here in Kansas City. Even better than that, they’re on Thursday/Friday, thus giving us a four-day weekend. Folks, it does NOT get any better than this (especially considering that they fell on non-teaching days, thus requiring no reworking of the syllabus).

What I love, love, love about snow days is the disruption of the normal routine, the stillness of them. Inside the quiet house, watching the snow fall outside the window (or pour even — we got 3 inches of snow in an hour yesterday!), it feels as if the world has retreated — and given how full my days usually are, that is a welcome respite. Want to blow off doing homework, waste some time on Twitter, invited friends over for midweek eating and bourbon-drinking? Go ahead — there’s no work tomorrow! Also, it’s pretty:

Beginning of snowstorm


Beginning of snowstorm



Multiple viewsI consider myself damn lucky to be able to curl up in a warm house that never lost power with enough to eat and a job that pays me to stay home when driving is dangerous. I wish all of you the same and happy snow days!


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