So Far, I Like 2013

A belated welcome to 2013! 2012 ended like this:


So you can see that it was not a bad year. But, while 2013 is 16 days old, it’s already kicking 2012’s butt. Here’s why:

  • MLA 2013: I’ve written before about how much better the MLA conference is than in years previous, but the conference held earlier this month was even better. It feels as if the profession is finally addressing the question of employment off the tenure track in a much more visible and tangible way. And that is a good thing.
  • Work: I may have mentioned once or twice that I really love my job a lot. And it’s true. But this semester, I’ve  got some cool new projects to work on, including team teaching a new course on gender and modernity in Weimar Germany, and developing a study abroad program to Dakar, Senegal. Those two projects alone should keep me happy and busy — and there are even more good things to do — it’s never dull at the Women’s Center.
  • And this happened:

We will be writing at @ twice a month from now on. If you have suggestions for topics, please tweet them to us! #altac
Alt Academix

Our first column went live this week and is available here.

So, yes, the first 16 days of 2013 have been pretty darn awesome — here’s hoping the rest of the year can live up to it. How’s your new year going so far?


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