In Which I Do the Thankful Thing

Normally I don’t do the thankful thing — I tend to feel about it the same way I feel about Valentine’s Day — you should be thankful all year round, not just on Thanksgiving just as you shouldn’t need a made-up holiday to remind you to tell folks you love them. BUT, I am in a particularly good this year, and even Kristen did it. Since I aspire in all things to be more like Kristen (well, except for the parenting thing 🙂 ), I decided I ought to go ahead and do this. So, in no particular order, here are the things for which I am thankful this year:

  1. A husband who makes me laugh, is a good cook, and who still surprises me after 15 years.
  2. A supportive family, although I wish they lived closer.
  3.  Books. And the Kindle Paperwhite.
  4. Bourbon. And wine. But mostly bourbon
  5. Kansas City restaurants.
  6. A live music scene in Kansas City that is so lively I will be going to three shows in the next week.
  7. #femlead.
  8. Friends who help me come up with crazy schemes.
  9. A supervisor who supports me in implementing said crazy schemes.
  10. Adorable Kitties

  11. My iPhone and MacBook (sure, sure, that sounds materialistic and frivolous, but I love how these tools allow me to blend work and life in a way that works for me).
  12. Feminism. Because without it, my life would have been very different (and not in a good way).
  13. Friends — old and new, F2F and virtual.
  14. Twitter for introducing me to some amazing people.
  15. Facebook for helping me keep in touch with far-flung friends, family, and former students.
  16. A job that not only pays the bills, but that is fun, challenging, and meaningful work.
  17. Former and current students for making my job awesome.
  18. Working with the best staff at UMKC.
  19. The Chancellor’s Advisory Board to the Women’s Center, and Kansas City’s best Board Chair.
  20. The ability to travel to cool places and better yet, get paid while doing so.

There’s probably more, but for now that’s a good start. I’m lucky to have a rich, full life and and thankful that that’s the case (even if I don’t always say it). What are y’all thankful for?


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