Falling Back

If you’ve paid attention around here, you may remember that I am a winter fan. This is not a popular position here in Kansas City, where folks seem to mostly hate winter and the cold. I have to confess to another unpopular confession, which is that I hate daylight saving time (and yes, it really is “saving” not “savings.” Google it if you don’t believe me). Especially now that it’s been shortened — and the clocks don’t get turned back until early November. Those last couple of weeks of October are just brutal for me as I find getting up in the dark difficult — I just want to roll over and stay in bed (and often do, leading to rushed mornings).

Then, we turn the clocks back and magic! I can get up again at my normal hour without feeling as if I were just hit by a truck. So, while my Facebook feed is full of folks complaining about coming home in the dark, I find myself happy for the morning light — and not minding the early dark. Now if only we could find a way to not turn the clocks ahead come March……

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