The Reverb Broads Are Back (and They’re Sorry)

The Reverb Broads are back for the month of June and while I said I’d do it, I so far haven’t responded to any of the prompts, partly because I’m feeling lazy and partly because I’m still trying to figure out what this blog wants to be when it grows up (as I’ve written about previously). Which is fine — it’s not as if I pinky swore with Kristen and Kassie that I would respond to every single prompt on time.

Which brings me to the title of this post — we’re only three days into this project and I have already lost count of the number of times that someone participating has posted an apology or an excuse in the Facebook group. “Here’s my post — sorry it’s late — I’ve been busy doing x.” Etc., etc. And I have to say — this drives me CRAZY. Here is a group of wonderful, witty, and educated women taking time out of lives filled with work, kids, husbands, partners, family, fun and almost to a woman, they apologize if they can’t “keep up.” But keep up with what? Or whom? An arbitrary project? One that is voluntary and for fun? The other bloggers? It’s not as if we’re talking about work deadlines or saving the world here — it’s just a group of ladies blogging together. This is something that’s supposed to be fun, not anxiety-producing (well, except for Kassie’s nightmares prompt).

So, broads, do me a favor and please stop apologizing. Write when you can, if you want, and what you want — but don’t be sorry about it. As women, we apologize too much — let’s make a pact to make this project a “sorry-free” zone. Deal?

8 thoughts on “The Reverb Broads Are Back (and They’re Sorry)

  1. I completely agree with this…except the part where you say you didn’t pinky swear Kassie and me. I’m fairly certain there was some agreement that you would participate. Or maybe that was just the happy hours you agreed to… 🙂

    • Well, yes, I sad I would participate, but I am defining that as “respond to the prompts when I want, if I want,” not “answer every single one before midnight no matter what.” And I definitely agreed to the happy hours 🙂

  2. I love this post and if we apologize for little things like not writing everyday, you know we are apologizing for other things we shouldn’t have to apologize for. I’m sorry needs to mean something but if you overuse it, it loses it’s impact and meaning.

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