Crazy Making

The Kansas City Star had an article the other day about the Jet Blue pilot who melted down. While I’m not all that interested in that particular story, what did catch my eye was the list of the “most stressful jobs” accompanying the article. Sitting at number six was “event coordinator.”

“Wait a minute,” I hear you say, “I thought you said you’re a women’s center director.” Well, yes, I am, but the fact is that women’s center directors are also event planners (and counselors, teachers, accountants, etc. You name it, we probably do it).

And right now we are two days away from a huge event (the Women’s Center 40th Anniversary Gala — you might have heard me mention it a couple of times 🙂 Now, I am (if I say so myself) good with details, so in terms of planning, our events tend to be organized with the precision of an army invasion (seriously — I could so easily figure out how to invade a country if I wanted to). So that’s all good and under control. What makes me crazy then, you ask? It’s the people with their questions — can I change my guest list? Who else is coming? What will there be to eat? What should we wear? Etc., etc.

Many of them are questions that have already been answered, some multiple times. I try to be patient, but I’m really not good at dealing with questions — I tend to want to just tell folks to a) read the damn email or b) go Google it. Neither of which are acceptable answers. So instead, I smile, do an inward eye roll, and answer the question (again). But I find that doing so makes me stressed out and cranky — not an ideal state. It usually passes in time to enjoy the event, but I hate the last couple of days leading up to one. So, I ask y’all — if you plan events, how do you relax during the lead up and keep others from making you crazy? Would love to hear any and all tips!

Edited to add: I am not saying folks shouldn’t have questions. I understand that they will. I also understand that not everyone has all the details of my events as present in their heads as I do. I get all of that. I really do. It’s just a cruel irony of fate that being asked questions makes me nuts (it’s one of the reasons I don’t have children. I simply could NOT stand the questions) and yet I work in a job where I am constantly asked questions. Most of the time I just deal with it, but when it’s super hectic it stresses me out. Thus the endless search for coping strategies.

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  1. 1. The link isn’t working. I’m dying to read the article if it’s still available. 2. I hate the questions too. 3. Event planning and time management as so key that when time isn’t used efficiently it KILLS me so I feel your pain.

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