Shaking the Research Blahs

So I haven’t posted in forever (last one was February 7 and before that, January 22). Partly because life has been very “full” the last two months, but also partly because I don’t really have anything to say. Currently, I’m in one of those ruts in which we all find ourselves from time to time. Courses are running smoothly, work is busy but not particularly challenging at the moment, and I’m in between research projects.

I think it’s the last that’s making me a little blah and out of sorts. A student came by during office hours the other day and asked, “what are researching now?” “Nothing, really.” She expressed disbelief — “surely you must have something.” But it’s true — I really don’t have a big project at the moment — and haven’t since finishing the book last November. I’ve got a bunch of little projects going (the SA Women Talk Tech blog, #femlead chat, my altac stuff), but nothing that qualifies as a “real” research project. And much to my surprise, I’m discovering that that makes me feel rather at loose ends — as if I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I have plenty to keep me occupied, but the lack of a deep project makes me feel dissatisfied. So I guess I am a research after all. Who knew? Now if only I could figure out what to do next and get started on it. Suggestions most welcome!

4 thoughts on “Shaking the Research Blahs

  1. Brenda,  Your last book is certainly a hard act to follow! I don’t blame you for wondering, “What next?” If it were me, I’d try to find out what Rick Santorum’s secret fetish is and expose it. Or maybe he’s a narcissist and he’s his own fetish. 

    Also: “What kind of neurochemistry is going on in the brains of GOP men, that they think they can force TVU’s on women?” I know those are not quite as rich as your last book. 

    Be that as it may, I know you’ll figure something out in a dream or in meditation when you least 
    expect it. It couldn’t hurt to read up on(or web-search) what really interests you right now
    (as opposed to what you think should interest you). Or travel somewhere you really want to go….

    Best of luck!

    • Great tips — thanks! For a while, I was enjoying having no project as I was ready for a break (it did, after all, take me FOREVER to finish the first one). Feeling ready to start working on something else now, though. I suppose I’ll figure it out when it’s time. I’m just impatient…

      • Brenda,  I don’t know if this might be of interest but this came to me on the NY Women Composers email list:
        A call for guest bloggers, for the Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy blog, Feminist in the Concert Hall.We’d like to have one or two guest entries per month.   Maybe a rebuttal to “The Woman Composer is Dead”?  (they are really getting a lot of discussion over there) —  Or any topic compatible with our theme.  Please send me a brief proposal, a short biographical statement, and links to samples of your writing.  We can occasionally offer honoraria ($25) for outstanding entries of 500 words or more.   The blog is curated by myself and our blogger-in-chief, Sarah Baer.      Thanks!Liane Curtis, Ph.D Musicology — clarkecomposer@yahoo.comWomen’s Studies Research Center / Brandeis University, MS 079 
        Waltham, MA 02453 ** voice mail 617-776-1809
        The Rebecca Clarke Society, Inc. www.rebeccaclarke.orgWomen’s Philharmonic Advocacy

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