Things I’ve Learned From Facebook’s Timeline

I activated Timeline on Facebook earlier this week. Before making it public, I went going through back posts to see if anything needs to be removed. In doing so, I’ve learned some things about my life as curated on Facebook:

  • I like my kitties. A LOT. They are also super photogenic. (If you don’t believe me, see below. Of course, I couldn’t resist).

Super cute kitties

  • I really hate grading. Apologies for complaining about it so often. But based on the number of comments those posts generate, all my friends hate grading also.
  • The only thing I hate more than grading is meetings. Unfortunately I have a lot of both in my life.
  • I eat very well (thanks to Larson and KC’s great restaurants).
  • My calendar gets crazy full in April.
  • I am never ready for Christmas, but somehow it always gets done, more or less on time.
  • I really, really love my job.
  • I might be just a wee bit obsessed with shoes.
  • Apparently the only thing Kristen and I do together is go to happy hour to vent our frustrations. Part of me thinks we should change things up. Another part thinks if it’s not broke, don’t fix it đŸ™‚
  • My email inbox is always a disaster.
  • Missouri weather really is ridiculously changeable.
  • I change my hair color fairly often. Also, the bangs I had in 2008 were a bad idea.

Most importantly, what I learned is that I have a pretty good life. Sure, I know it’s Facebook which means most of the bad stuff isn’t there. Nonetheless, you can tell from my posts that I love my job, have good friends and family (LOTS of cousins!), travel to fun places, eat well, and love the people and animals who share the house with me. I’d say that’s pretty good, wouldn’t you?

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