Reverb Broads: Things That Make Me Laugh…..

For the December 7 prompt, Kassie asks what makes us laugh. Here’s a partial list (I could have gone on for a while as laughing is one of my favorite things to do):

My husband. Because how can you not find someone who writes the below about Kristen and me funny?

Possible film about KA and BB: Boss Busters (imagine the soundtrack… fingernails typing on keyboard in background… intimidating sound effects…)

What makes it especially amusing is the followup text and photo:

As long as one of you goes by name of Cruella De Vil (of 101 Dalmations) and is played in film by Yvonne De Carlo (Herman Munster’s wife in The Munsters) – sooo glam! (Below: pic of Cruella with arms on table, bored, at meeting.  Not intimidating at all–!)

Caption that accompanied this photo: "--(SIGH…..!!!!! they won’t let me play with my iPad anymore!!!)"

Bridget Jones’s Diary. Both book and movie, but mostly the book. It never fails to crack me up.

My friends. See photo below — a group of people who will crowd into a photo booth and laugh with you are well worth keeping around 🙂

Photo Booth Fun

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats. No matter how many times I watch this video, I still laugh.

The folks I work with at the Women’s Center (staff and others). Because if we can have this much fun making a custom coffee blend for the Women’s Center, you know that going to work is a fun time.

Last but not least, I have to confess to cracking myself up. Don’t know about others, but I tend to think I’m pretty damn funny.

What about you? Who or what makes you laugh?

Note: This is my response to the #reverbbroads11 prompt for December 7. Inspired by #reverb 10, #reverbbroads11 is online initiative to write on a variety of clever, interesting, silly prompts for the 31 days of December. The December 7 prompt is: “Who or what makes you laugh so hard that milk shoots out of your nose and why? Slapstick, dry witty comedy, your kids, Monty Python?” Via Kassie Stallings Sands.

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