Reverb Broads: Stupidity

The stupidest thing I did in 2011 was to not let my supervisor know about a difficult situation I was having at work — it felt like small stuff and kind of silly, so I thought “I don’t want to bother her and I can handle it.” Instead it was one of those situations that kept spiraling out of control until it was finally brought to her attention by someone who wasn’t me. Which, as we all know, is not the way one wants one’s supervisor to find out about something that’s not going so well. Lesson learned? Tell her stuff even when it seems like it’s not a big deal and especially before someone else does.

In my whole life? I’m going to have to go back to yesterday’s post to my 24-year-old self and say that breaking my own “don’t get married before 30” rule was probably my biggest stupid mistake — especially marrying someone who kept insisting that I should take his name. What was I thinking? Luckily, that mistake was rectified fairly quickly 🙂

Note: This is my response to the #reverbbroads11 prompt for December 2. Inspired by #reverb 10, #reverbbroads11 is online initiative to write on a variety of clever, interesting, silly prompts for the 31 days of December. The December 2prompt is: “What is the stupidest thing you did this year? What about in your whole life? You can take stupid to mean: embarrassing, dangerous, funny, whatever you consider ‘stupid’ “? Via Kassie Stallings Sands.

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  1. I still can’t believe you married someone who insisted you take his name. Then again, isn’t that what youth is for? Doing the stupid things so we know we’ll never do them again? 🙂

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