My Tech “Vacation”

These days my Twitter and Facebook streams are full of folks proclaiming their upcoming tech “vacations” for the holidays so that they can spend time concentrating on “real life” (see here for why I think that’s actually a false distinction). And indeed, even I tend to use social media a little less over the holidays (mostly because there’s no one around to talk to), but in other ways, my use of technology during vacations increases as it’s when I finally have time to catch up on tech tasks that otherwise get put off.

This holiday has been no different — so far I’ve checked out a new social network (Pinterest, which I find okay, but probably more useful if you’re the crafty type, which I’m not), upgraded the memory on my MacBook Pro (from 4GB to 8GB. Woohoo! This was also the first time in a while that I’d actually taken a computer apart. Glad to know I can still do so), upgraded software on both my MBP and MacBook Air, bought new music from iTunes and created new playlists for my iPod/Phone/Pad, installed Backblaze on my husband’s laptop and completed his initial backup, cleaned up my email accounts, and figured out that it was MacFUSE that was making my MBP run slowly and uninstalled both it and Parallels Desktop (which I’ve had for over a year and never use — I just don’t need to run Windows programs, and if I really do, I can do it at work). Oh, and finally placed an order for cable internet service so I can get rid of our ridiculously slow DSL. I’ll also head out in a while to pick up an external hard drive so I can do some long overdue maintenance on my husband’s laptop. Not bad for a long weekend.

This is the kind of tech vacation that I love  — catching up on all this stuff means I’ll head into the craziness of December organized, backed up, and with equipment that’s in good shape. Not to mention that playing with gadgets is fun (especially when there are distracting kitties involved, as in the photo). Now I just have to figure out what needs to be taken care of during the winter break 🙂

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  1. I’m totally the same way! I find myself reading more things people have shared, actually taking time to connect with people I typically can’t… and commenting on blogs that I love to read all the time!! Like this one! 🙂

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