Dealing With Difficult People

As anyone who works with people knows, some folks are easier to work with than others. I was reminded of this last week when I was completely blindsided by some true nastiness. I don’t know why I’m surprised when this person has demonstrated over and over again their capacity to be nasty, but nonetheless, I am. It always catches me off guard and saps my energy in extremely counterproductive ways.

On a positive note, the week ended with reminders that there are plenty of good people left and that I am lucky enough to work with some truly kind and generous people. While that was just what I needed, I’m still left with feeling that my response to the nastiness is not a good one — when that kind of thing happens, I’m generally useless for a good chunk of the day as I brood over the encounter or imagine ways to “get back.” I try to remind myself that this is not helping and that I should just let it wash off, but it’s difficult. So, dear readers, please share — what are your coping strategies for dealing with difficult people in a way that doesn’t zap your energy and ruin your whole day? Please share your strategies in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Dealing With Difficult People

  1. There was just some journalism around on research relating to the importance of rest and the cyclical nature of human mental and emotional activity.  Stress saps energy and even ego strength, but time and some recuperative activity restore them. Distance and a change of venue work best for me. Worrying the subject seems not to relate to any solution, since given the nature of meetings, etc., there may be none.

    • What I did in this particular case was to go sit with my staff who were quilting (we’re finishing up our 40th anniversary quilt). And then I went for a walk. Still, I find it difficult not to let it get to me. Need to keep working on that. Thanks for the tips!

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