In Case You Were Wondering….

….my “do-nothing” limit is 7 days. My “real” vacation started on Friday, July 8 and I had a great time for about a week. Then, we woke up the morning of Friday, July 15, and said, “What? We have to do nothing again today? But we’re over it.” Seriously. Had I not been more than 700 miles away from my house and my books, I absolutely would have worked that morning. Instead, we went on a hike, and filled out the day, but I was restless and ready to get back to work.

What is that work? Finishing up the book manuscript, finalizing an article, planning a 40th Anniversary, and getting my classes ready. It’s good work and while I loved my vacation, I’m happy to be back to it. Still, though, we did have the privilege of spending some time in an absolutely lovely place, so here are some pics:

Lake Michigan coast at Newport Beach State Park

Village of Ephraim, WI, from the Ephraim Beach

Sunset over Eagle Harbor, Ephraim, WI

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