Apparently I Do Know How to Not Work

Today was day 3 of the real vacation (we spent the first 2 days getting here. 417 miles, KC to Galena, IL on day 1 and 306 miles, Galena to Ephraim, WI on day 2. On the way, we stopped and many nice things and caught up with a dear friend who just moved to Milwaukee).

Since I am incapable of sleeping late anymore, I was up early this morning and took an early walk while the sun was still coming up.

I wish I had a bay to walk along every morning. Afterwards, we had breakfast, took another walk, went on an orchard/vineyard tour/wine tasting (and sorry, but fruit is not wine, but it was fun anyway), had lunch, took a nap, and then went to the beach.

I tried to read at the beach after we swam, but mostly just sat there, staring happily at the water. So, I am pleased to report that apparently I do know how to not work now and again — and I intend to do just that for the next week. Sometimes I forget that even I need to relax and recharge — it’s good to be reminded that not only do I need it, I haven’t forgotten how to do it.

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