Vacation! But Do I Know How to Not Work?

I’ve been officially on vacation since this past Saturday and I don’t go back to work until Monday, July 18. The first half of this year’s vacation was what my husband refers to as the “last Jelinek vacation.” Since I started a full-time job before I’d finished my dissertation, the only way I finally managed to finish it was by using vacation time to write (oddly, those writing vacations actually felt like “real” vacations as being able to spend the entire day just thinking and writing is so different from the hectic rush of which my days normally consist). This last Jelinek vacation has been spent finalizing the manuscript for the book version of the diss. It hasn’t been nearly as fun since I’ve spent most of the time formatting (and if you’ve ever wrestled with Microsoft Word, you know how much fun that is).

The hardest thing about a working staycation, though, is that it means I end up doing other work as well. As I’ve discussed before, I am not opposed to work (in fact, I love my job), but I do sometimes remember that if I’m on vacation and working, it means that I am essentially donating my time and I am opposed to that. It’s tough to find that balance.

The real vacation (and test) starts tomorrow, though, when we head out for Wisconsin. For the next week or so, the view below will be mine. So I think I’ll let those emails pile up. If you need me, check Facebook or this blog where I’ll be posting beach and food photos to make you jealous of the wonderful time I’m having. After all, isn’t that what social media do best? 🙂

View of Eagle Harbor, Ephraim, WI

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