WWDC Love From An Apple Fangirl

As I’ve noted before, I am a recent convert to Apple, but apparently it’s been a fullblown conversion and

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last Monday afternoon found me eating my lunch in front of a computer, desperately refreshing a couple of live blog feeds to keep up with theWWDC keynote. On Tuesday Student Affairs Women Talk Tech posted a special blog prompt asking what, if anything, y’all found exciting in Apple’s announcements on Monday — and now it’s my turn to let you know what I’m excited about. So here goes:


  • Reminders: as someone who’s gone through multiple task managers searching for “The One” (my current favorite is Wunderlist), I am super excited about the new Reminders system and hopeful that this will be the one I’ve been looking for.
  • Notifications: finally! No more interruptions by ugly blue boxes. iPhone users will have a new Notification Center and it looks a lot better.
  • Camera: sure, Apple improves the camera after I finally break down and spend money on Camera+. Oh, well…..it will be nice to have a better built-in camera.


  • Mail: again, I finally break down and spend money on Sparrow (because I hate the Apple mail app that’s built into Snow Leopard), and then they announce the upgrade to Mail coming in Lion.
  • Multi-Touch Gestures: I recently installed Reeder for Mac and am loving the way multi-touch gestures work with this app. If Gigaom is correct that this is the future of Mac apps, then I say bring it on.

This very brief summary barely scrapes the surface of the new features coming to Mac and Apple iDevices. For a more comprehensive roundup, see Cult of Mac’s review post. What are you looking forward to with the iOS5 and Lion? Let us know in the comments or through a post of your own.

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