#oneword Update

Casting about for a topic to write about this morning, I came across the following tweet from Ann Marie Klotz:

Six months ago, many of us committed to our #oneword resolution. We are now at the half-way mark for the year. How are you doing? 🙂
Ann Marie Klotz

which reminded me that I didn’t even remember what my #oneword for 2011 was, so I looked back to check and discovered that it was “full” (as in, I have a full life, not a “busy” one. See here and here for more). So, to answer Ann Marie’s question, how am I doing with living my #oneword?

Actually, it’s going pretty well. I am getting better at not telling folks “I’m busy” all the time (although I have developed the habit of replacing busy with hectic, which strikes me as more descriptive and less likely to be used as an excuse for not doing something), but I do hear it come out of my mouth sometimes, often when talking to someone else about their schedule (just did that last night, in fact. But really, if 7 shows and an international trip in one month doesn’t qualify as busy, I don’t know what does!).

More importantly, while I may not have totally eradicated the word from my vocabulary, I have gotten better about considering my full schedule as a good thing and have also managed to remember to take days off now and then. Sometimes what I really need to do on a Saturday is not more work, but to read a novel or watch a movie. And now that the weather has finally gotten better, I am spending as much time as possible on my porch (after all, it’s only a matter of time before the heat and mosquitos drive me back inside).

If I can keep both of those things up, I think 2011 will be a good year indeed. What about you? What was your #oneword for 2011 and how is it going?

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