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I had planned to write a real post today, but am finding myself too wiped out from April to do so. Instead, here’s a quick roundup of what I’m reading this morning:

Over at College Ready Writing, Lee Skallerup writes about the “real world,” academia, and academics’ supposed disconnect from reality.

I just downloaded Mr. Reader for iPad based on this post from MacStories. So far I’m liking it a lot and it could well replace Reeder for me.

Speaking of apps, I’m also getting ready to check out Blurb for the iPhone. Blurb is a mobile storytelling app and looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Also on my reading list for today is “Quality Time, Redefined” from the New York Times. The article notes that hand-wringing about technology’s “ruining” of family time is not new:

“If you go back 200 years, there were similar complaints about technological devices, but it was books at that time,” Dr. Koepnick said. “The family room filled with different people reading books created a lot of concerns and anxiety, particularly regarding women, because all of a sudden they were on their own, their minds were drifting into areas that could no longer be controlled.”

The author of the article also cites a Canadian study that indicated “that people believe technology is bringing the family together, not pulling it apart, by a substantial margin.” An interesting counterpart to those who claim that technology drives families apart.

What are you all reading on this first Sunday of May?

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