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I’ve written before about my love for Twitter (and other social media), but wanted to return to it briefly after yesterday’s experience.

Friday, February 18 was a great day. I had a wonderful phone conversation with Teri Bump during which she shared with me some really good advice that I am hoping to put into practice soon. We also got to know each other a little better and she offered to continue to advise me. By the end of our conversation I felt that I gained a friend and mentor, and who doesn’t need more of those?

After I finished talking with Teri, I then headed off to meet up with my friend and colleague Kristen and a Twitter acquaintance of ours, Deb Schmidt-Rogers. Neither Kristen nor I had met Deb in person before, but thanks to Twitter and having read each others’ blogs, we felt an instant connection. Deb even brought a present for Kristen’s son, who is celebrating his birthday today. Thanks to our previous social media connection, a lot of the awkward getting-to-know-each-other stage was over, and we could just dive into a good conversation, one that we had already started in the virtual world. As with my conversation with Teri, I left our meeting yesterday feeling that I’d gained a friend.

Without Twitter, neither of these events would have taken place yesterday and my life would be poorer for it. That is what I tell people who don’t “get” social media. Besides, how can you not love something that results in a photo like the one below?

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