For the Love of Winter

Poor winter gets a bad rap. That’s been especially true this week as much of the nation was hit with a huge blizzard. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with complaints about the snow, ice, and cold. But I come to praise winter, not complain about it.

So, here are my reasons for showing winter some love:

  • First and foremost, two words: “snow day.” Seriously, is there anything more magical than waking up, checking the web/phone/email and realizing that the university is closed and you now have the gift of a free day at your disposal? I don’t think there is. Yes, in today’s hyperconnected world, most of us end up doing some work at home and I also realize that loving snow days is a privilege as they stink if it means not getting paid. For me personally, though, snow days still rock. Summer does not give us “heat days.”
  • The cold. I know, I know, most of you hate the cold, but bear with me. Everyone loves summer, but what happens when it’s really hot? You want to do nothing because the heat is exhausting. Cold, on the other hand, is invigorating. I do my best work and thinking in the winter. I don’t think it’s an accident that I finally managed to finish my dissertation after leaving Texas. It was too bloody hot there for most of the year — made me slothful and lazy. Also, cold means most folks don’t wear flip-flops. I loathe flip-flops as the majority of people do not have pretty feet/toes. Just ugh.
  • Seasons are cool. Without the cold, dark days of winter, we wouldn’t appreciate spring or summer. Plus, climates with no winter usually also have no fall. Life without fall is not worth living in my opinion.
  • Blizzards. Yes, seriously. I love blizzards (as long as I’m home for them, that is). I love the anticipation of waiting to see if the snow is really coming. Will it hit us? How much will we get? And then when it does come, the peace and quiet while the snow is falling and everyone is indoors is just lovely. There’s nothing as calming to me as sitting in the house, curled up with kitties, hot chocolate, and a book (or laptop), watching the snow fall.
  • Sweaters, boots, and scarves. I vastly prefer fall/winter clothes to spring/summer clothes.
  • Finally, it’s pretty. Check out the pic below for examples. Or see the beautiful series of pictures over at Shakesville.

Mind you, come March or so, I will be heartily sick of winter and longing for spring. But that’s what I love about seasons — just as one wears out its welcome, a new one is ready to take its place. What about you? Any other fans of winter out there?

3 thoughts on “For the Love of Winter

  1. After having spent 7 years in Australia with no winter at all ( 10-14 degrees in the mornings is NOT winter!) I must admit that I have learnt to appreciate the change of seasons and even winter, yes. I used to hate it. The last 3 years we had real winters here in Germany with lots of snow even in the North. But now it’s enough! Long winters make ME tired and lazy, maybe it’s the darkness or the amount of clothes you have to wear. So please, spring: hurry up!
    I like your blog and added it to my blogroll – I hope you don’t mind. 😉 Uta

    • I lived in northern Germany for a year and did not much like winter there. I think it’s the darkness — 3 p.m. is just too early for the sun to set! Also, in Bremen there wasn’t much snow and little sunshine. Here in Missouri, though, winter is really only bad for a month, the snow is pretty, and the sun shines a lot. It’s not so bad — but the way folks were complaining, you’d think we lived in northern Sweden or something 🙂

      Many thanks for adding my blog and thanks also for reading!

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