Snow Days and Productivity

Here in the Midwestern U.S. we are on snow day #2 and my Facebook and Twitter feeds are filled with vows to be productive. Which makes me wonder — when did we decide that snow days were really work days? Mind you, I used some of my off time yesterday to catch up on some work things and had a conference call in place of a scheduled meeting. But, I also took some time to watch the snow fall, drink hot chocolate, and to participate in a quest by SMCKC peeps to get a Super Swarm badge on Foursquare (we got it, but did not make the Super Duper Swarm badge, alas). Today’s agenda includes a similar mix — on the productive side, I need to complete edits on a paper and work on a presentation coming up this weekend. But I also downloaded a new book I’ve been wanting to read and plan to take some time to read and maybe go outside and check out the snow (not sure about that last one as it’s pretty cold).

To my mind, snow days are a gift of found time from Mother Nature and we should honor her by making at least some of that time “unproductive.” Otherwise, where’s the fun? What about you? Do you work through your snow days? Or try to find some downtime?

And here, some pics of my street and backyard. It really is quite pretty:

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