Bring On February!

While it is hard to believe that it is almost February, I am feeling my annual sense of relief that January is almost over. You would think that since January is my birthday month, I would like it — and I do enjoy a good birthday celebration, that’s true (especially when it’s a surprise, involving lots of food):

Celebrating my and Michelle's birthdays with lots of junk food 🙂 @ UMKC Women's Center
Brenda Bethman

Nonetheless, I still dislike January. Why, you ask? Because of the endless focus on post-holiday / New Year’s resolution weight loss. Often disguised as “healthy living tips,” it seems that all anyone can talk about in January is the need to lose weight. And folks, let’s face it, diet talk is boring, and the obsessive focus on weight loss in place of health can be downright dangerous. So, welcome February! Now, if we could just get rid of Valentine’s Day and the endless stories about sad singles….. At least we have V-Day to make February interesting.

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