My Favorite Place For Work

I have many favorite places. My favorite work space is my study at home. I love it because it’s my “room of my own,” where I do most of my work when I work at home. It’s also decked out with a comfy reading chair and two walls of books. What’s not to love?

Later I’ll post on my favorite non-work space(s). What about you all? Do you have a favorite place/space?

This post was written in response to Blog Prompt Monday, a weekly feature of the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech blog. This week’s prompt is: “Do you have a favorite place/space? Where is it? And why?”

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Place For Work

  1. My favorite creative space is on an airplane. Here in KC, although I don’t use it enough, a great creative place is Nordstrom’s restaurant. Guess the common theme is a touch of privacy amid activity going on around me. I don’t do nearly as well with silence and isolation.

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