A Long Way to Go

Just saw this tweet from @mlaconvention:

There are around 30,000 #MLA members and only 200+ on Twitter following @mlaconvention. I hope for 3x that many for #mla12. Spread word?
Rosemary Feal

For context, 200 out of 30,000 is less than 1%. Immersed in Twitter daily, it’s easy to forget how few academics (or other folks for that matter) use it — this is a reminder that despite the vibrancy of #mla11, there’s still a long way to go before our disciplines are truly represented in digital spaces.

3 thoughts on “A Long Way to Go

  1. This is where I keep thinking a book on all of this wouldn’t go amiss. Some people have said an entire book about social media for student affairs/higher ed professionals would be too much with the other books that are out there, but I think we have so few people who are actually participating in social media still, that they need a book directly aimed at them for them to get the point. Just my two cents.

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