In Case You’re Wondering

I have indeed decided to switch from Post a Day to Post a Week (hopefully 2-3 times per week). Between traveling and a lingering cold, posting daily was proving impossible. Since I’m all about no guilt, I’m just lowering the goal to one that’s actually achievable. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get to a post on some post-MLA thoughts. In the meantime, here’s the view from my back door:

Kansas City's first snowstorm of 2011

3 thoughts on “In Case You’re Wondering

    • What I learned is that if I want to post every day while traveling, I better write before hand and schedule them to post while I’m away. Because blogging while conferencing and sightseeing is just too much for one person (this one person at least). Easing back into a routine now that we’re back. Enjoy your second snow day!

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