Healthy Inspiration (Prompt 5 #swinspires)

What inspires me to try to be healthy (emphasis on the trying, alas) is that I really want to live long enough to be an “old lady” — as in I can say whatever I want because I’m old enough to have earned the right. Sure, I’m pretty outspoken already, but when I’m 80 or so, there will be no stopping me 😉

In an attempt to get there, my husband and I have cut out red meat for the most part and eat mostly vegetarian over the summer. We were also doing well at getting more exercise, but a sprained ankle, followed by a sprained foot, and the onset of winter conspired to make me want to stay inside and off my feet. New Year’s resolution is to get back to walking 30 minutes at least 4 days per week. Readers — feel free to hold me accountable to that!

Note: This is my fourth (should be fifth, but I skipped Prompt #4 as it didn’t speak to me) post for #swinspires, the Give the Gift of Inspiration campaign hosted by She Writes. Between December 13 and 24, 10 She Writers who inspire *us* will share a writing prompt. Writing Prompt #5 is: “What inspires you to…be the healthiest you?” It is cross-posted, as all of my swinspires posts will be, on my She Writes blog page.

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