Writing Inspiration (Prompt 2 #swinpires)

The author of this prompt (the awesome Deborah Siegel) says the answer to this can be short, so here is my short (and somewhat facile) answer to what inspires me to keep writing: “deadlines.” Seriously. As an academic, the majority of my writing comes with a due date. There’s nothing like going you only have a weekend left to produce something decent to get you motivated. The other thing that keeps me going is knowing that I have something to say on the topic — I find it hard to get motivated to write when I don’t care about the topic or feel that I have something new to say about it.

Note: This is my second post for #swinspires, the Give the Gift of Inspiration campaign hosted by She Writes. Between December 13 and 24, 10 She Writers who inspire *us* will share a writing prompt. Writing Prompt #2 is: ”What inspires you to…keep writing when the writing gets tough?” It is cross-posted, as all of my swinspires posts will be, on my She Writes blog page.

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