Letting Go or Goodbye Windows (#reverb10)

So I get that by refusing wonder and writing about sundaes I may well be missing the point that the Reverb10 folks are trying to promote (which I read as deep reflection). I also think that they’re cool with folks making Reverb10 into what works for them, so I will continue in my “superficial” vein.

The best thing I let go of in 2010 was my Windows-based PC. Seriously. I’ve written before about why I made the switch to a Mac, so I won’t rehash that here. What I will add is that in some ways letting go of Windows actually was more significant than my glib description above makes it sound. Odd as it may seem, in many ways viewing myself as a PC person instead of a Mac person was a significant part of my identity, mostly due to my dislike for Apple fanboys/girls. I am also enjoying the extra time I have at my disposal — I don’t think it’s accidental that I started this blog after the switch.

On a more serious note, the other thing I’ve continued to attempt to let go of this year is an inflated sense of urgency about my work. Yes, I think what I do is important, but it’s also true that no one will die if something on my to-do list doesn’t get accomplished. So it’s OK if it takes longer or doesn’t happen at all. Instead of getting stressed out when things don’t work out as planned, I try to remind myself that it’s not life or death that we’re dealing with — that really has a way of grounding me in reality and bringing down my stress level. And anything that reduces stress (be it computer changes or mantras to myself) is a good thing in my book.

Note: This is my fifth post for #reverb10, an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. Each day has a prompt. Today’s prompt is: “Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?”

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