Vacation To-Do List

Here’s what’s on my to-do list this week:

  • Shop and cook for Thanksgiving
  • Try out fun new social media sites that I don’t have time to get to while working
  • Clean up the bibliographies imported from EndNote to Zotero
  • Start working on book index
  • Read novels
  • Watch films
  • Play with kitties
  • Organize my iPad apps into folders now that iOS 4.2 is here

Notice the lack of most work-related activities from that list. It’s going to be a good week. Right now the biggest decision I have to make is whether I should make the sausage and fennel or the dried cranberry, apricot, and fig stuffing for Thanksgiving. Happiness! (Note that while I love my job, I love it more when I can get a periodic break from it). I hope your weeks are just as lovely as mine. And if you have an opinion a about the stuffing, please share in the comments (the turkey will be roasted with a cider glaze).

[Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user riptheskull.]

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