Short Answer to This Question: “No”

Given that the picture to the right shows the usual state of my desk, I don’t think I would survive a week without reading. Why would I want to? For an answer to that question, see this post over at ProfHacker: And then come back here and let me know if you could survive a week without reading.

4 thoughts on “Short Answer to This Question: “No”

  1. Could I? Yes. Would I want to? No way!

    Some days I would like to get away from reading for ‘information’ but never from reading for ‘pleasure’. Of course I also long for a good way to ‘unplug’ without missing anything.

    • I thought of you when I posted this. There was an interesting discussion about the pros and cons of this over at ProfHacker, but I still can’t imagine it. I may as well not breathe. I can’t even imagine a day…..

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