Heading to Denver!

I am getting ready to head out to Denver for the National Women’s Studies Association conference. So watch this space and Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #nwsa2010) for conference updates.

NWSA is absolutely my favorite time of the year, particularly the Women’s Centers Committee Pre-Conference. As my women’s center colleagues say, it’s the only day all year that we get to be in room full of people who actually understand what we do for a living. I’ve also never been to Denver and since everyone I know in Kansas City swoons whenever I mention that I’m going to Denver, I have high expectations for the city — I hope it can live up to them.

The only thing that I not too excited about is the lack of panels focusing on technology. There will be more than 240 sessions held during the conference and a search of the online program only turned up only 10-15 that focus on using technology (and one is a poster session and three are sessions I’m presenting at or organizing). Given the increasing importance of technology in our teaching and research, the lack of sessions is disappointing. I’m also curious about why this is the case given that how much feminist work is now happening online in the blogosphere and via social media. Is is faculty reluctance to engage with new technologies? Lag time in research agendas catching up with the outside world? That folks coming to NWSA just have other interests? I’m not sure, but I do hope that the number of technology-focused sessions increases at future conferences.

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