What’s Wrong With This Headline?

So I’m scrolling through Twitter (aka procrastinating on finishing up a grant proposal) and see the following headline from one of our local news stations: “Athletes Who Marry Celebrities”

Since I’d rather procrastinate than put together a budget, I click the link and learn that “LA Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic says he’s engaged to tennis star Maria Sharapova in the latest pairing of athletes and celebrities.”

Hmmmm……let’s look at this: Maria Sharapova is a tennis star, and tennis is a sport, so doesn’t that make her an athlete? Oh, right, I forgot, she’s also a woman and thus must be a celebrity and not an athlete. Just in case that’s not clear, the accompanying slide show helpfully contains photos of male athletes married to female actresses/models, just in case you’re confused and thought that female athletes could also marry celebrities.

Thanks, KMBC, for clearing that up for us. I was confused for a minute and thought that women could actually be athletes.

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