The End of Summer

Heading back to work the day after Labor Day means being no longer able to deny that the summer is truly over (disregarding the fact that the calendar says we officially still have a couple of weeks to go). Back in the Northeast where I grew up, most schools and universities didn’t start classes until after Labor Day. Despite having lived in the South and Midwest for nine years now, I have to confess that I still don’t really feel truly “back to work” until after Labor Day. It’s as if the first two weeks of the semester are some kind of trick — WHY are we having classes in August? I feel confused.

Then Labor Day hits, the pools and beaches close, and I know it’s serious. This is when the organization bug hits me again and I start thinking about the binder, pen, tool, whatever that is going to transform my life and miraculously make everything easy. This time it’s “Things,” the GTD software that the good folks over at ProfHacker can’t stop raving about. I picked it up over the weekend and have high hopes that this will mean I will never again find myself in the office an hour before class realizing that I forgot there’s a quiz today and that I haven’t written it and that I’ll never miss another deadline again.

So, wish me luck with my fall improvement scheme and join me in wishing for the weather to follow my mindset to fall temperatures so that it will be cold enough to head to the orchard for hot cider and cider doughnuts.

[Photo by the author]

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