Monday Morning Reading

Forced to hang out at home today thanks to my bum foot, I’m catching up on my blog reading/Twitter/Facebook, etc. (how did we ever survive sick days before the internet? I suppose I read and that was great, but I do really love being able to “talk” to folks while confined at home. Mind you, I did download a couple of novels to my iPad and will probably indulge in a bit of afternoon reading later. But I digress).

One of the first things I came across this morning is a story on BlogHer about a New Orleans bar that refused to serve a glass of wine to a pregnant woman. Color me tired of this “debate.” Women do not lose their autonomy and right to make their own decisions when pregnant. Period.

Next up — Historiann’s great smackdown of the recent trend in pieces on “kids today.” Apparently, the New York Times has figured out that post-college Millenials are slackers just as their Gen X big sisters and brothers were in their 20s. Whatever. I agree with Historiann that a) old people have been complaining about “kids today” since forever and b) my students in their 20s are pretty terrific and will likely turn out just fine (IF the economy that the Baby Boomers messed up ever improves. Seems to mean that blaming the kids for moving home when they can’t find jobs in the economy that you made a mess of is not terribly fair). While you’re at it, take a look at Amanda Marcotte’s piece taking on a truly awful anti-young folks screed over at Salon. Oh and according to the narrow definition of adulthood put forward in the NYT piece, I guess I’m not an adult since I never had children. Also, my LBGT friends who are legally barred from marrying apparently aren’t adults either. Huh. Maybe it’s time to redefine what “adult” is instead of arguing over whether the kids are losers.

Happy reading!

[Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user Moriza.]

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