Let’s Be Friends?

Over at the USA Today College blog, there is a conversation taking place about whether professors and students should be Facebook friends. First to weigh in was Jenn DeLuca, who explained why she doesn’t accept friend requests from faculty. Next up was Professor Rey Junco, discussing why he does accept friend requests from students.

My policy on friending students is similar to Rey’s — I will not initiate a request (for the same reason I don’t send friend requests to people who report to me — the person with more power in a situation should not be the one to initiate a friend requests), but I will accept requests from students. Depending on the circumstance (currently enrolled in a course, graduated, student worker, etc., etc.), I will use different lists to manage what parts of my profile students can see.

What do you all think? If you’re faculty, do you friend students? Students, do you want to be friends with faculty? Or are faculty/student Facebook friend relationships something to be avoided?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Friends?

  1. I still think this is a tricky area, depending on your role at the university. For example, I do actively friend my student staff – mostly because I feel like being on Facebook is part of their job, so I should be privy to how they’re presenting themselves there – as much as they’ll let me, of course. But I also struggle with accepting every student request – and this has more to do with the discipline/judicial side of my job. I don’t ever want there to be a conflict of interest when it comes to that. So until I hear a good argument otherwise on that issue, I’m sticking with my student staff = okay, students in general (who are residents) = not okay. Anyone have any good advice there?

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